Frequently Asked Questions

  • So how does homoeopathy & Acupuncture actually work? Open or Close

    Homeopathic remedies work essentially by getting the bodies own immune system to heal from within. To do this a Homeopath looks at the whole person and makes an assessment of physical, mental and emotional viewpoints. We all realise that many physical things that we suffer actually stem from feelings and thoughts and that these aspects are equally important to address as part of ones cure. Homeopathic remedies do not work to merely suppress the symptoms, but looks deep into the cause. The remedies then work to resolve any imbalance in the system and the symptoms then also resolve as a result. All remedies are made from totally natural ingredients. In Traditional Chinese Medical science, the body possess energy referred to as Qi ( pronounced "chee"). Qi is influenced by the opposing forces of "Yin" and "Yang". Chinese Medical Science shows that when Yin and Yang are balanced they will work together with the natural flow of Qi to help the body achieve and maintain optimum health. Acupuncture works by stimulating specific points around the body that have direct effect on the Central Nervous System. Many studies have shown the release of crucial hormones and regulatory substances in the body that can have remarkable healing effects. These are the same natural substances that keep your body in good health but do not operate in a balanced way when one has an illness. Acupuncture therefore harnesses the natural internal power of the body, mind and spirit to restore good health.

  • What kinds of health problems can homoeopathy help? Open or Close

    homoeopathy is an individualised method of treatment. Two people suffering from the same ailment may receive totally different remedies as they may have very different underlying causes. homoeopathy can be very effective for a vast array of health issues. It can help treat acute illnesses like viral and bacterial infections, colds, influenza and ear infections. It can also help more chronic conditions, such as asthma, eczema and arthritis. Mental and emotional problems are often significantly improved or eradicated using appropriate remedies and homeopaths can even work on factors such as confidence, insomnia and anxiety.

  • What are Homeopathic Remedies made of? Open or Close

    Remedies are made of totally natural substances such as plants or minerals. The natural substance is prepared in a homeopathic pharmacy and a process of dilution actually enhances the healing properties of the remedy while at the same time making it free from side-effects. Remedies are usually taken in the form of tiny pleasant-tasting sucrose or lactose pills

  • So what goes on in a consultation ? Open or Close

    To get to the root cause of your heath concern, I will need to get a complete picture of your physical, mental and emotional levels. You may wonder why a Homeopath is asking about your childhood bullying in school when you are seeing them for an earache, but the root causes of many illnesses can be found in seemingly unrelated places. This is the skill of the Homeopath to discover these links and restore your natural balance. So during a consultation the homeopath will usually cover in detail many aspects of your health, family history and general life. The homeopath will try and get a sufficient holistic view to enable the assessment of the correct remedy. For a first consultation, the Homeopath will spend an hour to an hour and a half, discovering the relevant information to be able to devise a treatment plan for you. Your eventual treatment may consist of remedies that support particular organs, address inherited tendencies, deal with lasting effects of past illnesses or traumas or boost your overall constitution and immunity.

  • How long will my treatment take? Open or Close

    This depends very much on the individual and factors such as your overall current level of well being and how long you have had the condition. Bear in mind that the treatment is a process that your body goes through to arrive at a natural healthy balance again. It is working from deep within you and sometimes the results are quick and dramatic or sometimes take a little longer to work through. I will have a clearer idea of how long treatment is likely to take after your first consultation and will tailor a program of treatment using the best modes whether that be homoeopathy , Acupuncture, Herbs or indeed a combination.

  • How often should I see my homeopath? Open or Close

    Again, this varies but generally follow-ups visits are usually done every two or four weeks. Once you feel better, or if your general health is very good, you may want to visit your homeopath more occasionally, for example, if you need a pick-me-up, have been through a period of stress or overwork, or a health problem arises. Many patients come for a "constitutional" visit, two or three times a year, even if they don't have any particular problem, to talk over what has been going on in their lives and with their health recently. A constitutional remedy gives a boost to the system, and helps to keep you well and full of vitality. This kind of follow-up is particularly recommended for children, as homeopathic remedies can support them through their developmental stages, and other changes they are experiencing, such as starting a new school.

  • Will I have to change my diet and/or lifestyle? Open or Close

    Sometimes I will give positive advice on diet and nutrition and may prescribe herbs and supplements if this will support and speed the body's natural recovery process. After all, we are what we eat and the diet plays a pivotal role in helping the body maintain a natural balance.

  • Can I use Acupuncture or homoeopathy if I am also using conventional medicine? Open or Close

    Absolutely. There are many cases where coming off conventional medication maybe inadvisable or even unhelpful. The aim of the alternative treatment is to eventually get the body to heal from within and tackle the root cause of the illness. In many cases the body will still require support with conventional medication while the natural processes kick into place. I will work together with your existing medical practitioners if need be to ensure you receive the best of all worlds.